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You have been wanting to do a creative project, but you’re busy and things keep getting in your way. It seems too big and not executing is making you more hesitant to actually start. You need guidance or just some motivation and a pep talk from someone who’s been through it.



This is a 12 page guide with clear instructions on how to overcome being overwhelmed and start your own project.


  • How I Got Started
  • How to Start
  • Define the Dream
  • Day One
  • Advice
  • Blockers
  • Cut Yourself Some Slack
  • Big Energy
  • Survive
  • Thrive
  • How to Build It
  • Do
  • Don't
  • Your Challenge
  • Next Steps



I've produced and hosted 165+ podcast episodes in the last 10 months for my original news program: The Israel Daily News Podcast, which airs Monday to Thursday. 

In parallel, I've completed hundreds of projects for clients as part of my freelance lifestyle. 

I've learned how to start, continue, and consistently deliver media.

Along my journey, people have frequently reached out to me for advice and guidance. 

This book is my attempt to share real guidance and a give a "tell-all" about how I get things done.



I am an independent journalist nomad with a background in writing, editing, reporting and producing TV news.


A proud graduate of SUNY Oswego's Broadcasting department, I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2016 with concentrations in Broadcast Journalism, Spanish and Creative Writing.


Born in Queens, New York, I returned to the Big Apple after college. After freelancing at the Queens Times Ledger, I became a staffer at NY1 News in Manhattan. In 2018 I moved across the world to become a reporter in print and on-camera, covering Middle East news, politics and culture in Israel. My original plan was to be a writer by the beach. I imagined poems, but quickly got hired at the Jerusalem Post, freelanced at the Media Line and then appeared on camera for ILTV - a syndicated news show.


Following this, I went rogue and began producing my own videos, articles and daily show called the Israel Daily News Podcast.


The show started in June 2020 and has since reached thousands of people, gaining international attention. I am also a community organizer, hosting Happy Hour speaker events for the international community of Tel Aviv with an original program called the Sunset Series.


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